In 2010, Eric Lemelson founded the Karuna Foundation to contribute to the pressing issues of climate change mitigation and adaptation in the vulnerable Himalayan region.  As a career environmentalist and a farmer, he was deeply concerned with consequences of even slight changes in temperature, particularly in vulnerable regions and communities whose livelihoods would be hardest hit that had least contributed to global emissions. Research shows that mountainous high-elevation regions were going to see the most dramatic changes in temperature, and in response, the Karuna Foundation decided to focus funding efforts in Bhutan.

The Karuna Foundation Board of Directors is composed of friends of Eric Lemelson. Collectively, they boast a wide-ranging set of professional credentials and an array of skills and experiences that contribute to the Karuna Foundation's creative grantmaking.

The Board


Lindsay Skog, Program Director, Bhutan

Lindsay brings several years of experience working in and a deep appreciation for the Eastern Himalaya. Prior to joining Karuna Foundation, Lindsay taught Environment-Society Geography courses at several U.S. universities and colleges, as well as with the School for Field Studies Program in Bhutan. Lindsay’s research and expertise ranges from the societal impact of climate change, human geography of Himalaya, and the social politics of environmental change. She was awarded a Ph.D. in Geography from The University of Colorado at Boulder in 2015.

Heather Dailey, Administrator

Heather joined the Karuna Foundation in January of 2019. Heather oversees the administrative operations for the Foundation. She is a health and nutrition advocate with a focus on the food industry, educating the public on food labeling, nutrition, and the history of the human impact on agriculture, farming and the environment.


Contributing Consultants